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Helping eCommerce businesses to streamline, systemise and synergise financial data to boost their accounts
E commerce accounting specialist at Boost Accounting LTD
Shishir is a Chartered Certified Accountant, a certified QuickBooks Online and Xero specialist, and an author. He is passionate about his role as proactive accountant and Finance Director specialising working with eCommerce businesses in the UK to boost their accounts. To this end, Shishir transforms accounting from a cost into an investment, and lives and breathes by the mantra “Listen, Understand, Solve, Repeat” where being personal, proactive and professional are the key founding principles. Shishir founded Boost Accounting in 2016 to help clients take maximum advantage of Cloud Accounting technology. He ensures that streamlined accounting processes and improved financial records create new opportunities for integrated business planning and enhanced productivity. Shishir is an avid football fan, a good guitarist playing classic rock and a reluctant but compliant gym-goer.