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Desandu Hettiarachchi
Online now
🙏🏻Namõ Buddhãya🙏🏻 💿Where there are Computers, I am there...!💿
Owner at Desandu 7
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hello I'm Desandu Hettiarachchi👋🏻, The owner of Desandu 7 ICT, and Desandu 7 Siblings. This is for people who want more details about my Channels. Please feel free to ask any Questions about my YouTube Channels, in English or Sinhala. Your Feedbacks will be very useful for me, to improve my future videos...! Thank you...!😊 © 2021 Desandu 7 Corporation. All rights reserved.


Sinhala, English



Fun Fact

"Keep an Accurate Target🎯, for what you do. Then you can Achieve the Goal🏆...!"


Louvre College