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Team Fōkcus
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Fokcus supports programs that help female, veteran and black and brown founders by providing assessments, business and tech mentors and content.
Hello at Fōkcus
San Diego, CA, USA
Fōkcus Mentoring provides a platform to springboard entrepreneurs and startups, accelerating their opportunity for success. We do this by leveraging today’s technology within a combination of products and services such as assessments, business mentoring, consulting, and intelligent matching with key resources. The name Fōkcus lies at the intersection of a few key ideas for success. First and foremost, deliberate focus is an unmistakable element to any successful business venture. Second, the initials K.C. refer to the father and first mentor of our original founder, Kurling Robinson, reflecting the unparalleled importance of mentorship in building something special. This story reflects our team’s mission at Fōkcus – to continually push entrepreneurship forward through easier access to mentorship and valuable resources. Most notably, we are currently running 2 separate cohorts of veteran, women, and minority-led startups through internal incubator programs powered by Fōkcus, while also running a weekly webinar series titled Tech School. For Tech School, we’ve brought in thought leaders, industry professionals, and startup founders to provide virtual mentorship to the community through a series of interviews and technical talks. These episodes have all been posted on our YouTube channel so you can watch them on-demand at your hearts content.





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